Dr. Sheila Fahey D.C. 
Gentle Chiropractic, Kinesiology, 
Nutrition, Craniosacral

Conditions that I treat in my office include headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder/arm pain, wrist/hand pain/weakness, hip/knee/ankle/foot pain, nutritional support for detoxification, digestive issues, adrenal stress, etc., TMJ pain/tension, back or pelvic pain with pregnancy, postpartum – to realign back and pelvis after labor, colic, auto injuries, sports injuries and repetitive stress injuries.

Treatment Philosophy

My approach is to incorporate a wide variety of tools and techniques to allow healing to proceed as quickly as possible. In addition to Chiropractic I have training in Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), Craniosacral Therapy, a wide array of soft-tissue techniques, and nutrition. Based on the information from the health history and exam, I create a treatment plan that is unique for each client.

I use Chiropractic adjustments to work with the spine and other joints. These adjustments help restore motion, break up scar tissue, increase blood and lymphatic flow, and enhance the function of the nervous system by removing nerve interference, which alleviates the associated pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness. I have many gentle adjusting techniques to draw from, to tailor the treatment to each client’s comfort level.

I use a variety of soft-tissue techniques to support the Chiropractic adjustments. Tight, shortened muscles and fascia tend to pull the spine back into the old distorted patterns. By working directly with the soft tissues the adjustments hold better, allowing the body to take on a new healthier pattern more quickly. I also use Craniosacral Therapy, a gentle relaxing treatment that releases tension from the head, spine, fascia and related structures.

Specific nutritional support can be very helpful in speeding healing and overall well being. Subtle nutritional deficiencies, or toxins in diet or environment can prevent or delay full healing and repair. I use only the highest quality professional brands, which ensure purity and potency.